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About Us

Thanks for your interest in Tomchei Shabbos of Queens (TSQ Inc.)!

Our Mission

To serve as "middlemen" between the hungry & those willing to share.
To do so on an all-volunteer basis.
To spend at least 90 cents of each donated dollar on food for distribution.

What do we do?

For more than thirty years, TSQ has provided food packages on a weekly basis to needy families & individuals throughout Queens, NY. Services have expanded into parts of Long Island which are underserved. Presently, approximately 400 packages are delivered weekly.

Who are the recipients?

The scope of recipients varies widely. She might be a woman with children whose husband has left...or an elderly couple on a very limited pension...a family whose breadwinner has suddenly lost his or her job...families where illness saps the resources...and other cases of despair. The common denominator is need.

Who refers our recipients?

Local clergy who come in close contact with problem cases.
School principals and teachers who see children come to school having skipped breakfast.
Social workers who deal with human needs on a daily basis.

Who are we?

We are all volunteers, ecompassing the spectrum of ages and professions and backgrounds. Our shared goal-the care of our extended family-those among us who are in need.

How is this funded?

Over ninety five percent of our funding is through the generosity of individuals and firms who wish to see direct positive results for their contributions within their community.

No salaries are paid-----minimal operating overhead-----we purchase over 95% of the food products distributed.

IRS (501)(c)(3) approved

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